How to Build a Great Laravel Developer Team

Where Is Laravel 5 Developer Needed?

Every entrepreneur at a certain stage of his development asks himself the question: “In which direction to move?” Very often small start-up costs, the speed of propagation and extensive coverage, as well as postulate that “software will eat the world” constrict the search area to the programming. The initiators of the many technological startups fully understand that a team of experienced engineers is needed to implement the project. This, in turn, leads to the need to hire Laravel developers. At this moment there is a possibility of collision with considerable difficulties, as the team work of programmers has both positive and negative traits.

Necessity of Forming Laravel Developer Team

Fitzpatrick & Collins-Sussman write in their book that “In today’s world of software development programmer success depends not only on the quality of the code but also on its interaction with other people.” The process of forming Laravel developer team will require the availability of managerial competence from the leader. It is not enough simply to correctly choose the right highly skilled professionals; it is necessary to make these people want to work together as a team. At first, it is important to determine the extent of the necessity of team creation. Usually, a team of Laravel multiple developers is needed for a creative approach to the task. The manager should create a clear goal for a future command. It is necessary to decide in advance whether command work will be carried out only on a consultative basis or a team will receive full autonomy in solving problems.

laravel developer team

Pros of Team Work

It is possible to make the following points:

  1. Teamwork allows solving such problems, which are not under the power of one person;
  2. When making a decision in a command the views of all its members are taken into account;
  3. Working in Laravel developer team allows identifying all the shortcomings in the work when one person can notice the mistake of his colleague. Consequently, the probability of making a wrong decision is reduced to a minimum;
  4. Laravel 5 developer who has worked in a team become more loyal to colleagues, and gain an advantage in experience;
  5. Teamwork brings up tolerance in its members, teaches to overcome selfishness, to respect others’ opinions and to behave correctly during the discussion;
  6. Each member of the team, as the team as a whole, can maximally reveal creative talents and fulfill their potential in practice.

Disadvantages of Programmer’s Team

There are also some drawbacks should be noted:

  • Additional time is required. According to Brooks’ Law “Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.”
  • The discussions that arise when working in a command are time-consuming, especially if individual employees do not possess negotiations techniques. Serious disagreements are possible;
  • The anonymity of the results of work of individual team members could adversely affect the desire to work.
  • Laravel developer salary may not be the most budget-friendly and hiring the whole team can cost quite bit.

Thus, the establishment of a development squad should be decided individually in each case, depending on the project specifics and peculiarities of its realization in practice.