Checklist for Choosing a Laravel Development Company

Outsourcing and Outstaffing Laravel Development Company

There is not a secret that a lot of organization needs to hire Laravel PHP developer. It can be made in several ways, but the most popular are outsourcing and outstaffing.

There are a lot of definitions of outsourcing, but if we talk about the literal meaning, it is external resources usage in order to meet one’s needs. This means that the company transfers some business processes or production function to a company that specializes in them.

Tho writes in his book that “outsourcing of the IT function, conversely, can involve multifaced risks and the management of a very complex set of processes, a mix of technology products and a highly trained group of people.” (2012).

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It should be noted that the development of outsourcing contributes to such important arguments as a guarantee of reliability and quality of services, significant cost savings. This is due to the fact that the contractor is specialized in a narrow range of services or manufacture, concentrating highly-qualified specialists. Laravel development services and outstuffing companies have modern equipment and use the most advanced technologies. They are constantly accumulating their own and borrowed services experience in a service of a large number of customers, thereby improving the quality of services and always offer the right solution. Outstaffing is removing of personnel of the company staff. During outstaffing personnel signs employment contracts not with the company, which is the actual employer, but with the organization of mediation.

This company performs the functions of wages and taxes payment, enforcement of labor law (hiring, firing, and so on).  At the same time, the staff is performing work directly for the company, which is the actual customer. The main objectives of outstaffing services are addressing issues related to the optimization of staff schedule and operation of the budget; reduction of the risks associated with the solution of labor disputes.

Hire Laravel Developer from Company

Amant & Kirk underline the following criteria of choosing IT-outsource Company when it is a necessity to hire Laravel developer.

  • The successful Laravel 5 development requires a comprehensive IT outsourcing, which can meet all the needs in IT services;
  • Another important factor is the experience of the company in the IT services market;
  • Pay attention to how proficiently customer service contract is written. An important part of customer service contract with Laravel development company is a Service Level Agreement;
  • It is also necessary to take into account a guarantee of their services, as well as the documents and certificates confirming the qualification of IT specialists;
  • Note how the speed of response to emergency incidents is defined in the contract and if the remote response is possible?
  • Ask how reliable delivery of IT services is ensured? For example, Laravel development company should provide direct contacts of engineers and has staff for replacement;

This is not all the questions attention should be paid to. When testing Laravel application developer, it is necessary to remember about your purpose of cooperation and come from the specifics of your project.